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  • Designed for use in composite laminates but equally well suited to metal structure, the Composi-Lok family of fasteners provides superior joint integrity. Composite laminates are capable of sustaining high loads but are subject to delamination when fastened with conventional fasteners. By providing a large blind side upset, hailed by some as the industry benchmark, Composi-Loks distribute bearing loads over a large area overcoming damage to the composite. The characteristic large blind side bearing area or “footprint” allows the fastener to impart very high clamp loads to the structure without damage to the composite. Structural integrity in severe vibration environments is assured by a patented locking feature. Proper installation can be achieved with simple and compact hand or power tools and verified from one side of the structure by measurement of the screw break-off position. Available in four distinct 75 KSI shear strength versions, all Composi-Loks are completely compatible with graphite and are not subject to galvanic corrosion. Composi-Loks are available in 5/32” through 3/8” diameters, including oversizes, and have a .050” operational grip range.
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