The upper and mid third of the nose usually take about 2 weeks for the noticeable swelling to resolve and about 2 months for the additional swelling to disappear Recovery for rhinoplasty A nasal splint is placed and worn for about a week after surgery Grafts in Rhinoplasty Grafts can be from your own tissue (nasal, ear, or rib), a synthetic implant, or even from a cadaver source Nose job questions Look at as many surgeon web pages as possible to get an idea of the possible results

Wesco Aircraft employs over 1,200 employees across locations in 12 countries. In our more than half a century of supplying the aerospace industry we have developed what we believe are the key components to success.

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Wesco Aircraft is a valued and trusted partner to some of the world’s leading aerospace and specialty products companies, recognized for its excellence in delivering high-quality products and value-added services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Read more..

Wesco Aircraft
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New Products Releases

APM Hexseal UL Fastener Hardware Engineering Kits
Engineers can now order their very own APM Hexseal hardware kit. For more information, please
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APM HEXSEAL® 1131/60
inverted bellow toggle switch boot design to avoid unintentionally tripping a sensitive switch into the on/ off position. It still provides a UL recognized sealing performance that meets the NEMA 4, 4X/IP68 sealing standards.
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New KATO Insert Collars; The New Standard for Compression Limiters
KATO Insert Collars are compression limiters designed to safeguard plastic components of an assembly. Compression loads generated from tightening forces cause plastic components to deform (compress) and/or crack under excessive loads. KATO Insert Collars protect the plastic parent material by absorbing and resisting excessive loads, thereby ensuring the integrity of the bolted assembly.
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SEELOC® Air & Liquid-tight bonded self-sealing washers
SEELOC® washers consist of silicone rubber bonded to formed stainless steel washers, and are designed for a variety of electrical and mechanical applications.
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DriveTack™ Fastening System
This system makes it easy to permanently secure nameplates to metal structures and housing.
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The Freedom Swivel™ from Gripnail
A tangle-free, angle-free, fatigue free, air tool coupler with unique ball bearing construction.
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PEM® Self-Clinching Cable-Tie Hardware
PEM® self-clinching cable tie-mounts and hooks provide secure attachment points for mounting wires and cables to electronic chassis or enclosures.
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Kato M2 Insert
With an OD as small as 2.5mm, the Tangless M2 Insert is the world's smallest Tangless insert yet. Utilizing the same diamond-shaped wire that makes KATO inserts the industry's best and most reliable insert, the wire itself is as small as .274mm by .389mm.
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7900 Slide Series
Accuride presents models 7950 and 7957, two new slides designed to expand the company’s heavy-duty slide line-up and provide an intermediate load rating choice between the 3600 and 9300 products.
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KATO Electric Prewinder Tool
From the company that brought you Tangless inserts comes the industry's first electric installation tool that utilizes a Prewinder Adapter. Exclusive to KATO, this tool combines the best features of air and electric installation tools.
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Armored Push Button Switch - from APM Hexseal
Industry Finding Stainless Steel Armored Pushbutton Switch Boot Useful in Prolonging Switch Life & Reliability for HIGH-Pressure & Temperature Wash Downs & Rough Handling Conditions.
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PEM® class 10.9 and grade 8 high tensile studs - HF109 and HFG8
These Type HFG8™ (unified) and Type HF109™ (metric) clinch studs are specially heat-treated to achieve greater tensile strength up to Grade 8 (unified) and Property Class 10.9 (metric) meeting 150 ksi/1040 MPa minimum.
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PEM® Clinch Fasteners
PEM® self-clinching fasteners for use in stainless steel sheets provide ideal solutions to satisfy stainless assembly applications and promote lighter and stronger designs.
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